Do you know Apple?

Do you know apple? Everybody in the world know that fruit that has the red color. I often eat an apple, skin and ball. How about Apple? Do you also know it? Maybe many people will say "YES, I know". Apple is the company of kind of Internet products. Thesedays, Apple is getting more famous because of the popularity of iphone especially in Japan. In here, I will explain little bit more about Apple.

Where is the head office?

The head office is in California, United States. Apple has finished making new head office which name is Apple Park and now in the middle of moving.

Steve Jobs

Probably, you have heard the name, Steve Jobs at least 1 time. He was the center of the company, and have a lot of legendary episodes. But He has passed since 2011.

I have...

There are many Apple products and what kind of Apple products do you have? I think that the number of people who have the products except iPhone are not so many. In my case, I like the Apple products, so I have iphone6s, MacBook, Apple Watch and AirPods. I will introduce each of them on below.


My first smartphone is iphone5. I like iphone5 because the size of iphone is just right, and it is easy to put in my pocket and grip. Now I am using iphone6s, which shape is slenderer and bigger than iPhone5. There are different good points compared with iPhone5 in iPhone6s. First of all, it is 3D Touch. 3D Touch is introduced to iPhone from iPhone6s/6s plus. It gaves iphone more various operate and easy to operate. I often use this function, so I feel so helpful. Adtionally, iphone6s has a fingerprint identify sensor that is introduced from iphone5s. I know taht is convenient to do something, for example, canceling the lock and instead of entering the password. But I don't like this one because Security is likely to become weak. So, I do not use it. This is my insistence. Now, The newest iPhone is iPhone7/7 plus. I wanna buy it but I decide to buy next iPhone.


Before I use MacBook, I used Windows pc. But My display of old pc couldn't turn on suddenly, I needed to buy new pc. I wanted to buy MacBook, however, my dad did not allow me to buy it because the price is about twice than Windows pc! Finally, I persuaded dad to buy MacBook. My Macbook color is pink, so it is so lovely. MacBook is very thin and light.

Apple Watch

My Apple Watch is Apple Watch Series 2. Compared with first series, Apple Watch Series 2 has water resisant and GPS. I often use Apple Watch for running. Of course, My Apple Watch color is pink.


I bought AirPods for Running. I don't have to bring iPhone for running, just bring Apple Watch and AirPods. As a result, I can go running lightly. Some pople said that the Shape of Air Pods looks like udon noodles. I don't think so that's so cool!!!

I want...

I like Apple. I love Apple. Therefore, I wanna collect Apple products. I wanna 2 products now. iPad and the book, Designed by Apple in California.


There are 4 types of iPad, and I want iPad Pro. iPad Pro has 2 options, one is Smart Keyboard and the other is Apple Pencil. Specially, Apple Pencil seems to be attractive.

Designed by Apple in California

This is a book which name is "Designed by Apple in California". The content of book is photos of various Apple products for 20 years. Total photo points are 450.